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Year: 2007

Genre: Comedy


Premise: Two nerdy high-school students prepare for a big party hoping to lose their virginity.







Do you know those movies that you are able to re-watch a couple of times and are still interesting? Well, Superbad is literally the epiphany of this syndrome. No matter how many times you watch it you will always crack up laughing. In case you haven’t watched it yet… I envy you so much. Let me explain why this is one of the best Teen comedy movies ever made.



Let me start with the story… quite honestly it is not that impressive, but I don’t feel that it was an issue in this case. It’s just some high school boys trying to get laid. While getting there, they are being tested whether they are worthy. The trial for the boys was buying alcohol for a whole party to impress their respective crushes. This, of course, comes with getting fake IDs, stealing booze and other illegal activities. Finally, they are able to finish their quest, but when they get to collecting the “rewards” it doesn’t really turn out as they expected it.
What the actual focus should be on, is the relationship between Seth and Evan. They are best friends who will be separated after High school and are afraid of a future without each other. But of course, since they are MEN, emotions are not shown until the very end. Neither one of them wants to accept the previously stated fact. To make this even more difficult, Fogell is going to be Evans new roommate and most likely “Best friend” as well. Of course, Seth wouldn’t be able to cope with this, so it is kept in secret as long as possible. But as expected he finds it towards the end but manages to get over it. This addition to the story makes it much more interesting, especially the interactions between the boys throughout the movie.


Now, about the characters. The trio of Evan (Michael Cera), Seth (Jonah Hill) and Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) are working insanely well together. Fogell is the typical wannabe gangster, Seth is the mean asshole with a big heart, and Evan well he is just the awkward kid. While the acting of J. Hill and C. Mintz-Plasse is outstanding and authentic, I feel like Michael Cera is stealing the show here. It literally feels like he got lost on the set and it was too awkward for him to tell that he is not an actor… (so he just played the role). I have seen quite a few of his movies, but I think this is one of his best performances.


The thing with Superbad is, It is not trying to be something bigger than what it is. It’s a comedy and it stays at comedy. If you wish you might find a deeper meaning, but I can promise you that you will definitely keep smiling, giggling and laughing until the end. Characters are awesome and the story is plausible. The influence of Seth Rogen (co-writer) is undeniable, so if you like his style, Superbad is highly recommended for you.



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  • It is actually funny
  • Outstanding acting


  • Music could be more characteristic
  • Story is a bit underwhelming

“You’re television incarnate, Diana: Indifferent to suffering; insensitive to joy.”


"You're television incarnate, Diana: Indifferent to suffering; insensitive to joy."

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