Ready Player One (2018) Review – Ready or not ready?

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Ready Player OneYear: 2018

GenreAction, Adventure, Sci-Fi 

Length: 2h 20min

Premise: The virtual reality world called OASIS offers a hidden Easter Egg, forcing players to compete against each other for the hidden treasure.








Ready Player One is everything but ready. I like to think of this movie as one that has come before its time and that people don’t quite understand this on the level it was meant to be understood, I will explain this thought later. Not to mention, that even though the younger generations were the targeted audience, I think its much more important for the older generations to watch this and try to understand the habits and the world of the gamers. To realize that you can NOT pause an online game, why it is so crucial to finish that last quest or raid that last dungeon. I think it helps to understand why they get emotional, yell or flip the table over.


Imagine a world where your online character and its items are worth more than the ones in real life. A lot of teenagers and young adults live this life day by day, without realizing that they are losing touch with reality. They forget about real life things like socializing, exercise, basic hygiene, perhaps even eating. Some of us know this feeling or at least know somebody who is or was in this state. It has been argued that this behavior comes due to real life problems or maybe the outside world is not interesting enough or maybe its just fear, either way, this is a reaction to the negative experience. Now scale this up to the whole world, that is pretty much what the movie is. This shows very well by looking at the state of the world outside of Oasis.

Ready Player One


This world is the perfect ground for mass manipulation and abuse. That is exactly what was happening by the I0I (the slaves e.g). It was also mentioned that they would have used OASIS as a platform for ads. This seems like a brutal thing, but in retrospect what does it matter? In the “real” world they are still doing whatever they want, and once you are able to imagine it, you will see the real underlying tragedy.

It has to be mentioned, that there was only one instance where police  was involved. At the very end as a sign of “justice” and it was a fucking joke. I honestly cant believe that anybody could take them seriously. Not to mention that one was expecting badass outfits, cars and weapons (considering it is 2045).

Ready Player One


I am also somewhat mad that the Movie had the chance to create twists and surprise everybody with the personalities and physics of the real-life characters (specifically Samantha and Helen) but it just did not take the opportunity. It just seems like a weak but safe move (which is not necessarily bad, I just felt disappointed).

Ready Player One


On the bright side, the amount of humor was just right. One could enjoy its subtle humor, especially considering the absence of dumb jokes which are picked up by most films recently. It was full of insider puns, which gamers around the world definitely loved.
Ready Player One is definitely a movie I would recommend to everybody.


PS: Please be aware of your Online Identity and handle it accordingly.


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Ready Player One (2018)













  • Breathtaking CGI
  • Very enjoyable
  • Deeper meaning
  • Music


  • Underdeveloped characters
  • Acting

“You’re television incarnate, Diana: Indifferent to suffering; insensitive to joy.”


"You're television incarnate, Diana: Indifferent to suffering; insensitive to joy."

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