Dexter (2006-2013) Review – A different kind of monster


Year: 2006-2013

GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery

Length: 53 min per episode

Premise: The daily life of blood-spatter analyst Dexter, who by night becomes a serial killer.


Let’s be honest with ourselves. When we hear the news of some brutal killing spree or other tragic scandals, our personal sense of justice, the little pocket vigilante inside us starts to fantasize. Taking us away to an idyllic world where these killers and offenders receive the punishment they deserve. This is the time when the so-called positive double-standard comes to the surface. We hope for an ethic serial killer, a true anti-hero who can cleanse the surface of the Earth of these scum and help us reach a better, fairer life. The perfect TV series for indulging these desires is Dexter. And it is so much more…


The concept is rather simple. A blood-spatter analyst by day, a ruthless serial killer by night. One of the most creative double identities I have ever heard of, Dexter Morgan shows us the true meaning of inner darkness. From an early age, he started showing some subtle signs in connection with psychopathy, but thanks to his intelligent and loving step-father Harry Morgan, he got a secret education (more like a training) to understand how to commit the perfect murder. Every freaking time. Existing without any feelings but with a strong code he is forced to live by, Dexter is able to satisfy his dark urges while keeping believable disguise of a  clumsy and modest lab rat.


However, the depth of the show is simply mindblowing. We follow Dexter as silent spectators while he talks to us in a form of narration. Not only can we hear his thoughts, but he words his sentences to us specifically. We get a free pass to the dark mind of a serial killer and are able to witness the dilemmas he is torn between. We get to understand his tragic fate by flashbacks from his childhood. We get know the only person he has feelings for (his sister Debra) who is also a complex and important factor of his story. We have the opportunity to see him fighting against his rivals and archenemies. We will laugh at the dark humor and cry on the dark…darkness. And believe it or not, we get to… like him. A lot.


Let us talk about some of the technical aspects. I want to say it before everything. The music is one of the best parts of the show. No other show that I’ve seen had such an original soundtrack which went so well with the visual and textual content. The cinematography really stands out from other TV series not to mention the beautiful and dangerous location of Miami. The editing and directing is so well-done and has such a special rhythm to it that sometimes you forget to listen to the story because you think you are watching a video clip. Take the intro for example:

Incredible isn’t it? The close-ups and that whole music-like routine of a serial killer in a metaphorical robe. We can see that he is doing his morning routine but we associate on his murdering techniques. Art at its best. I honestly think that Dexter is one of the few best things that has ever happened to television. It is something so valuable that everyone who has a little interest in philosophy and morality should watch no matter what. It truly is a journey to the deepest and darkest pits of humankind and the human mind. You are welcome for the pun.

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Dexter (2006-2013)













  • Incredibly written
  • Artistic visual style
  • Almost every character is well-acted
  • Music is perfect


  • Some seasons were less creative
  • It is over


"You're television incarnate, Diana: Indifferent to suffering; insensitive to joy."

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