TOP 5 Black Mirror Episodes

With Black Mirror’s fifth season coming out this year, it might be worthwhile to rewatch the whole anthology, considering its complex and versatile nature.

Black Mirror

Over the years there have been a lot of arguments about the episodes of Black Mirror. People and their tastes are different, just like Black Mirror episodes are. With only a little connection to each other, we can safely say that they all represent a whole different story in the same universe. It was hard to fairly make out a TOP 5 out of these episodes similarly to Love, Death & Robots. But life is not easy, so let’s not waste words and let’s get to it:



Crocodile brings us a smart concept of an unfortunate accident that leads to a series of murders, and a futuristic insurance investigation. An exceptional Crime genre masterpiece which shows us how a mistake from the past can come back to haunt us, destroying our new life. Shot in a whole bunch of beautiful locations, Crocodile’s strongest point is without a doubt its atmosphere.

4.Black Museum

Black Museum

Black Museum is the last episode of the 4th. season, in a way serving as a teaser for the upcoming sequel. It serves as the last episode chronologically as well, highlighting some of the earlier happenings in the series. The episode works with a lot of flashbacks and the moral questions that come with them. Tying up a lot of loose ends, Black Museum functions as a perfect finale for the curious mind.

3.Hang The DJ

Hang The DJ

Living with the Tinder-generation, this one really strikes deep. Contrary to today’s dating apps, Hang The DJ features the perfect program to find our other half with the help of an advanced A.I. This episode will really play with one’s mind, in the end, surprising us with one of the biggest plot twists, Black Mirror viewers have ever seen.



Well, Metalhead is one of the reasons I fear that, with every step Boston Dynamics makes, the doomsday clock is getting closer to ticking. This beautiful Black & White episode is showing how an A.I. takeover doesn’t have to be full of humanoid, flying terminators. It solves this problem much more elegantly with its deadly doglike machines. The CGI is magnificent, one of the best use cases I have ever seen. The tension and the writing make sure that Metalhead earned its place in the hall of greatest horror flicks.

1.San Junipero

San Junipero

In my “humble” opinion San Junipero is not just the best episode of Black Mirror. It is one of the best Sci-fi episodes of all series. Let’s go even further. It is one of the best Sci-fi “movies” ever made. I would never spoil this one for anyone so I will just say that San Junipero shows us how science fiction should be in its best. How a strange but actually possible utopia, where nothing is what it looks like can alter people’s lives. Love, life, death, and everything that comes after. These are the cornerstones of Yorkie’s and Kelly’s adventure. I made you a favor by not spoiling a thing. Now please make me one and go watch it right now!


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