5 Best Love, Death & Robots episodes

Love, Death & Robots. Almost essential parts of a great Science fiction drama. Netflix’s new series produced by David Fincher and directed by Tim Miller features an uncommon but brilliant idea. 18 episodes, all made by different animation studios with only two conditions.

1.All have to be animated.

2.All have to be somehow connected to the title.

Love, Death & Robots

Making a TOP 10 list out of Love, Death & Robots is rather hard and only fair if the order is based on my personal taste. All of the episodes show us different types of animations from the minimalistic, app-like 2D environments to the high-end 3D rendered, almost lifelike models. Of course, there were some episodes that I consider worse than the others, but there is one thing that I can’t dispute. Each and every episode has something unique and immersive in it. Some are made with incredible technology (so incredible that there are some scenes which made me heavily use my eyes to find out if it’s real or animated). Some have beautiful stories. Stories that are very hard to tell in a few minutes. Some just have great feelings to themselves or only a great idea behind them. But nevertheless, all are unique.

This is why I will also specifically mention the factors that made me put these episodes to the list.

1.Good Hunting

…because of its beautiful story…

Good Hunting

For me, the absolute winner of all episodes. This was actually a surprise for me too, because I usually tend to prefer 3D animation to 2D. Good Hunting has an indistinguishable feel to it with its steampunk atmosphere. The development of the main characters is absolutely incredible considering the short runtime. I was utterly sad when I realized that those seventeen minutes already passed. I could have watched it for hours. Guess I will have to rewatch it all over again. Truly dramatic and epic.

2.Beyond the Aquila Rift

…because of its visuals…

Beyond the Aquila Rift

Watching Beyond the Aquila Rift is hair-raising. Not only because it is tense as hell, but because we slowly understand that a few years from now, the visuals of computer animation will get to the level of real life (if not further). Unbelievable effects and character designs mixed with a little bit cliché, but highly immersive atmosphere.

3.Helping Hand

…because of its simpleness…

Helping Hand

From now on, when I hear someone stating that for a good movie you only need a brilliant idea, the first thing that will pop in my mind is the Helping Hand episode. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who still didn’t watch it, but I can guarantee that no one will guess the solution of the story. After I watched this episode, I felt like I read a genius, short sci-fi novel.

4.The Witness

…because of its art style…

The Witness

I will not lie, I didn’t like the plot of this one. I thought I have seen this story a thousand times before. But… (and this is a huge but) I have never seen anything like The Witness. The animation is something so uniquely artistic that it is hard to even put it in words. The blend of the 2D comic animation and the realistic 3D environment is something that I have never ever experienced in this form. A visual orgasm. Period.


…because of its premise…


This is another one that is hard to criticize without writing down some spoilers. So you will just have to take my word for it. Shape-Shifters is an intense premise that mixes our world with a popular folklore universe. It criticizes war, humanity, racism and asks the thousand years old question of naturality. Claws and blood, baby!


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