10 Underrated Movies that are Excellent

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Why underrated?

Sometimes the movies we see are badly marketed by production companies or judged and misunderstood by critics or viewers. This can lead to the phenomenon of being underrated.
Although this list may be a little biased considering that it is based on my opinion, I will try to examine these movies from an objective stand of view.
Note, that it is not sorted by preference or by rating, this is merely a list of these underrated movies.

Underrated Movies




Genre: Drama, Horror, Msytery


One of today’s widely known and appreciated arthouse movie directors is Darren Aronofsky.Leaving behind titles like the Black Swan or Requiem for a Dream made a well-earned reputation for him in this sphere. However his latest film Mother! left a lot of controversies and dissatisfaction among its audience. My explanation of this phenomenon is a rather elitist one. I do think that people didn’t understand or didn’t want to understand the movie.

As you watch it, slowly it is becoming unmissable that the whole film is based on the Bible. Of course, this is a rare case where you don’t want to argue whether the book or the adaptation is better.
Symbolic, anthropomorphic, brutal, sometimes even grotesque, the unique visuals delivered by the 16mm film makes Mother a truly underrated art film, almost entirely based on metaphors.


Superhero movie


Genre: Action, Comedy

Superhero Movie

There are those comedies which by nature do not take themselves seriously. And then there is the Superhero movie, one of the most absurd comedies ever made.

No minute passes by without crying out loud of laughter or seeing some triggering awkwardness. I think it is hilarious, creative, not to mention that it contains the best Tom Cruise impression I have ever seen. Superhero movie does not want to be more than it is. It does not want to draw up world-changing philosophies.
Only pure comedic entertainment at its best.




Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy


Yet another SuperHero movie (pun not intended) which was treated roughly by its viewers. Hancock brings us a hero with some very uncommon personality traits. He drinks swears destroys public property and well doesn’t give a flying fuck. A perfect embodiment of what we call an anti-hero.

Today people are accustomed to the false fact that superheroes usually come with only positive traits and the world around them is cruel. Even if they have something of a bad trait it usually isn’t a hateable one (like Peter Parker’s shyness). However, there are some movies that understand how false and childish this kind of deification of a hero is.

Underrated Movies Underrated Movies Underrated Movies

He is not respected but hated by people although he wants nothing but good.

So ironic isn’t it?


Swiss army man


Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Swiss Army Man

Swiss army man can be described as the best way with the directors “The Daniels” words:


I genuinely believe that for those who understand the true nature of the movie, this statement will come out to be true. I also believe that a movie like this is very valuable these times because it has the courage to introduce itself as a silly joke and take the risk of losing sophisticated viewers in the first ten minutes. However, those who sit through these first moments of absurdity will be rewarded because despite every fart joke and satiric movement, there is a nestled sadness throughout the storyline.


It Follows


Genre: Horror, Msytery

It follows

For those who yearn to fulfill their appetite of 80s horror flicks this one is a must watch. I have never seen such a minimalistic and under-explained concept which works so damn well. We never understand the intentions or origin of the evil that follows, and we never stop being interested and jumpy about it. A pure horror with good acting and atmosphere without any CGI flickering.

I think the scariest thing about this film is that we are used to flashy jump scares in horror movies, and here we don’t have that, but something that is slowly crawling to us no matter where we are. Some peop Considering that this creature’s interest is transmitted sexually, some people talked about it being a metaphor for sexually transmitted infections. Whatever that creature is, the only sure thing is that it’s underrated.


The Machine


Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

The Machine

Before Ex Machina, there was The Machine.
Before the new Ghost In the Shell, there was The Machine with the new Ghost in the Shell ending.
Only that no one knew about it. This awesome sci-fi flick not only is underrated but is relatively unknown too. Following the story of two scientists who are developing an Artifical Intelligence, the true problem comes when one of them dies and the other one tries to resurrect her with transcending her cognitive functions to the computer. Sort of mind uploading.

Dealing with a lot of Turing tests and other hypothetical Artifical Intelligence problems and questions, The Machine is a must-see for every sci-fi fan.




Genre: Horror, Msytery, Thriller


Five people trapped in an elevator and one of them is the Devil himself. I think ideas like this are what make the movie industry colorful and unique. This partly “One location movie” is based on the Devil’s meeting which basically is Satan walking between us in a human form, tormenting sinners. I rarely see movies that handle tension increasement so well.

It is unpredictable, scary and damn entertaining. Considering that its ties to religion are shallow, I see this movie as a subject of forgiveness, belief, and humanity. I think always those movies featuring the devil are the good ones which are not about the devil’s character but about the people who have been poisoned by his manipulation.


A serbian film


Genre: Horror, Msytery, Thriller

A Serbian Film

Well this one is a pretty tough nut to crack and although I’m sure my opinion will not be a very popular one, I have to say I consider this a very good film. For the regular viewer who hasn’t spent enough amount of time watching arthouse films, I assume it is hard to see through the gorey plot and understand the core meaning which I think would be necessary before rating a sensitive topic like this one.

Although pop culture rarely comes up with a plot that introduces any aspect of the snuff film urban legend, (which I honestly doubt that is a legend) this movie did and in a very realistic way. It is a criticism of human cruelty, distorted sexual orientations, and the porn industry. Due to its controversial onscreen brutality, it has been banned from a high number of countries and received a very poor rating.


The village


Genre: Drama, Msytery, Thriller

The village

One of the big misconceptions of our time is the stereotype that there are no good horror movies only bloody, irrational slaughtering flicks depending on nothing but jump scares. One of the biggest victims is The village. An excellent psychological horror with very clever twists and tension control. Marketed as a primitive monster slasher it couldn’t arrive to the audience it was supposed to. Incredible acting takes place in this film with one of the best movie monster designs that I have ever seen.

The visuals are breathtaking with the authentic colonial village setting and the dark, distressed atmosphere. One of the few horror stories that are a must-see for any thriller fan.


Bicentennial man


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi

Bicentennial man

The Bicentennial man follows the story of a household robot who by mistake starts to gain consciousness. It is a deep and emotional journey of becoming a human and understanding what it means to be one.

Dealing with youth, death, mortality and the ethical questions of Artifical Intelligence the movie’s real value can be found in its aspects of drama and science fiction. Marketed as a screwball comedy, hated by the critics and misunderstood by the viewers, beneath a few cases of banality, the Bicentennial man is a truly underrated masterpiece.


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