The Infinite Loop of the Marvel Universe

Today as I started watching Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) I had the strangest Deja Vu. Got the distant feeling that I have already seen this one. Couldn’t really elucidate the feel until I realized something very scary. Something so scary, that I almost stopped watching the movie. Are you ready?

The Infinite Loop of the Marvel Universe

I watched every single feature film based on Marvel Comics since 1998’s Blade. We are talking about 50 feature films. Those before I missed only because I wasn’t even in an existing form, so bear with me. (I don’t even dare to count the TV Series, Games and DC counterparts). This got me thinking. Why would I watch the exact same formula they give me since 1998 again? The same stories, the same characters in the same universe. Well, I can only guess. I think Marvel doesn’t really have a competition. DC’s dark atmosphere only ever shined and gave out astonishing material when they made Watchmen (2009), V for Vendetta (2005), or when it was guided by Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Dark Horse also fulfilled its destiny with The Mask (1994), Hellboy (2004), Sin City (2005) and 300 (2006). Let me be clear. I consider all of these movies I mentioned masterpieces, and way more intellectual and valuable than any of those 50 Marvel features. When a studio tries to make me swallow a film like Black Panther (2018) I always lose a little faith in the industry, but boy I swallowed it. Why? Because there are no new V for Vendettas, Watchmens and Sin Cities… Because it looks like people these days are satisfied with the good ol’ Marvel formula.

The Formula

  • Showing us something or someone powerful as the protagonist
  • Showing us something or someone even more powerful as the antagonist
  • Showing us a fight where the protagonist loses
  • Showing us a setback of our protagonist
  • Showing us a new hope
  • Showing us a showdown where the protagonist overcomes the antagonist

Familiar? I just wrote a new Marvel feature film’s synopsis. Hope that I won’t get a copyright infringement because you will see this formula again that you can count on for sure.

I’m not saying that these films are bad. I really enjoy the nice CGI, good humor and interesting superpowers. I really am a consumer of superheroes. But I start to feel that this won’t do it in the long-term. There is no need for another remake or reboot, but for something new and unique. Something unpredictable. I’m willing to watch another 48 cliché Marvel films for one that will change this infinite loop like Deadpool “kinda” did.

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